Newsletters & Eshots

One of the best routes to promote businesses and particularly products is by email. Once you have an individual's email address, users are increasingly choosing to keep the same email address almost indefinitely. As we also capture information like date of borth, area of the country, sex and their interests, we have highly targetted and profiled traffic.

Thehealthfinder now has over 200,000 opted in health and fitness users since we started collecting data back in January 2010. We email the database monthly with our latest articles and advice and increasingly are able to email branded eshots to particular groups within the main dataset.

What is a Newsletter or Eshot?

Our newsletter is a monthly email that we send to our users, that contains useful tips and links to latest articles. 

Our eshot is an exclusive branded email on behalf of a Partner or Advertiser.

What's the cost?

Our newsletter is charged at a single one off rate, payable prior to the email being sent to our users. We provide you with post-send stats and clickthroughs so that you can see how you have performed.

Our eshot is charged depending on the number of emails you want to send and to which targetted group. Typically prices start at £0.025 per email address to a minimum of 25,000 users (£625+VAT). We can target by age, gender, interests and more.

Who has used this service?

We have now worked with a wide range of companies including, but not limited to, WeightWatchers,  LivingWell, David Lloyd, Life Fitness, Maxinutrition, Sci-Mx and Virgin Active.

What Next?

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Working with our ad agency, Nike and Nike+ used various display campaigns for targeted products as well as brand awareness. Initiatves always get a strong response.


Using Display and Directory Ads, thehealthfinder generates over 3% clickthrough rates for their health club campaigns. Working with us for over 5 years and counting.


Advertise via an interactive diet profile in relevant sections and sites. A great tool for engaging with end-users and conversion rates to their 'sign-up' membership channel.