Local & Directory

One of the cornerstones of our business is our directories. Built over the past 8 years we offer some of the best directories in the UK for personal trainers, health clubs, beauty salons and complementary therapists.

In fact we have over 30,000 businesses listed on our directory platform giving you an up to date list of practitioners and venues in your area!

What are our Local & Directory Advertising Options?

Add your business to our directory and be seen across our network. Upgrade an existing listing to add website and email. Promote your business at the top of the results page in YOUR key areas.

What's the cost?

You will need to pay a low Annual Fee, or you can choose a One-time Fee, to be included in our directories. You will be included in every relevant directory, on every site in our network FREE of charge. You can exclude certain sites if you so choose.

If you want to promote your site to the top of your area to get more prominence, increase clickthroughs and gain more business, then you can do this for all sites in one payment.

Who want's a Local or Directory Ad?

We work with hundreds of different comapnies already. From David Lloyd and Livingwell through to small independent personal trainers and gyms.

Can I see an example?

Here's one for David Lloyd, one for Fitness First and one for One Lifestyle.

What next?

Sign up for an account ,Log in and choose "Local - Directory" option

Decide what type of ad you are looking for and follow the instructions.





Integrated display program with leaderboard, tower and engaging MPU have performed exceptionally well targeted monthly, quarterly campaigns reaching 4% CTR for MPU.


Affiliate and 'minisite' format worked across our network using advertorial and display. ALso used a highly successful competition via our 250,000+ email audience.


Working with our ad agency, Nike and Nike+ used various display campaigns for targeted products as well as brand awareness. Initiatves always get a strong response.