Most businesses have products or services they need to promote to consumers. But where to put your adverts or how to get advertorial into the right places to find the right kind of consumers?

Thehealthfinder Limited runs a network of websites where we can place a one page advertorial (we call it a showcase) to target the types of users you know it will appeal to. Our topic areas include :

weight loss - fitness - beauty - skincare - leisure - jobs - gym equipment

What is an Advertorial?

A whole page in our website, that's all about your company and written by you! You also get to add up to 3 images.

What's the cost?

You pay an annual fee for your Showcase page on and then we allow you to select other sites where you think the users may be interested in your products FREE OF CHARGE.

Who want's an Advertorial?

Current clients that have advertorials include :

WeightWatchers, David Lloyd, Maximuscle, LivingWell, Fit Flops, WiiFit, VibroGym, Alpro Soya, Barcelo, Wella, Olay, Herbalife, New Balance, Clarins, King of Shaves and more.

Can I see one?

Here's one for Clarins, one for Barcelo Hotels and finally one for Standard Life Healthcare.

What next?

  1. Sign up for an account with us
  2. Log in and choose "Advertorials - Showcases" option
  3. Decide which section you want your advertorial in (you can buy more than one section if you wish)
  4. Complete the form with all the details we require and upload your images
  5. Complete all card payment details
  6. Submit to us for approval


Thehealthfinder was used with other leading fitness sites for a product launch, changes in shoe technology and for specific products. This was display and advertorial.


Similar in delivery to the Marine campaigns, the target was ABC1 males and our male orientated audience ensured we get repeat bookings.


This was a display campaign that was targetting "over 50's" to experience Mercedes products. This perfomed well and has since rebooked on a number of occasions.